Modern Oasis

Greenhouse-Bathhouse in the Soulard neighborhood, St. Louis

Academic project
Washington University in St. Louis
arch 212 / Spring 2018
Instructed by Don Koster

An urban oasis is situated in the historic Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis. Programmatically, the building is a combination of a greenhouse and bathhouse, with an emphasis on the duo's mutual dependence on balanced, interior climates. In a greenhouse 'shell' wrapping the inner bathhouse program, plants are rooted sporadically within walls of planters. Bathers are embraced by the surrounding greenery, which acts as a buffer zone between them and the urban environment outside.

The greenhouse acts as a buffering shell that wraps around the inner privatized programming of the bathhouse. The ground level is centered around a large swimming pool surrounded by a public botanical garden. The greenhouse wrapper continually guides the circulation through the building, bringing visitors to the specialized upper floors with private hot and cold plunges surrounded by more specialized plants as well: productive, propagating greenery.