Crystallized Quarters

Suspended campsite on the Chain of Rocks Bridge in St. Louis

Academic project
Washington University in St. Louis
arch 311 / Fall 2018
Instructed by Kelley Murphy

Crystallizing through the trusses of the Chain of Rocks Bridge is a 'campsite' that serves passerbys looking for a unique place to stay. Occupants experience subliminal conditions when crossing different thresholds during ascent,as if traveling across a frigid, tessellated cloud. The structure is simultaneously earthbound, suspended in the bridge's trusses just as sediments in the Mississippi River below suspend indefinitely in cold waters.

This project began with an ice crystallization experiment. Distinct freezing patterns resulted by varying the water's impurity and sediment content. The idea that crystallization patterns in nature depend upon the environment from which they formed served as an answer for the dwellings' emergent relationship with the bridge's trusses.