Artist House & Studio

Real clients, fictional narratives

Academic project
Washington University in St. Louis
ARCH 412 / Spring 2020
Instructed by Stephen Leet

Three artists were chosen as the clients: Richard Long, Rebecca Horn, and Brian Eno. Everything else is essentially fictional: the site set within Casper David Friedrich's painting, The Grosse Gehege of Dresden, the client artists' personal relationships to one another, and the spatial narratives that determined the architecture of the clients' living and work spaces.

While the three artists were originally chosen for their dramatic contrasts in persona and artwork/media, these artists may be more alike than they are different. The three individuals revered organic processes. This manifests differently in each artist's introverted working methodologies and choice of material. The building itself enables the three artists to organically circulate and absorb elements from each other's methodologies and work from various angles (especially relevant for the larger work of Richard Long and the performance work of Rebecca Horn), attesting to artistic inspiration also being an organic process. Ample outdoor platform spaces act as additional stages for artworks that require direct association with the natural world. The untouched land adjacent is also a stage for such works, typical for those of Richard Long. The whole building is encased by an adjustable, vibrational membrane that reverberates and reflects into the building the sounds, light, and views of the surrounding landscape.